Black Bois

Black Bois will be back at The Moore theater (Seattle) ONE NIGHT ONLY

February 14, 2020

Tickets on sale November 8, 2019

Seattle Dances 

2018 DanceCrush Award for choreography and production 

Premiered: April 26 – 29, 2018

Black Bois cry, laugh, feel, endure pain, dream, hope, love and want to be loved.  Black Bois is a ceremony to our ancestors, a thanksgiving to our past present and future. It is a love letter  to our bodies, our spirits and to our minds.  It is a healing space, a space to process, a space to love, a space to create and be. It is the story of our fathers, brothers, lovers and friends. Black Bois is a love letter to our bodies, minds and spirits so we know that we are loved.

Cast: David Rue, Randy Ford, Michael O'Neal Jr., Markeith Wiley, Stefan Richmond, Kyle Bernbach, Mycheal Hodges, Cipher Goings, Gilbert Small II, Brian J Evans, Robert Adam Moore, Marco Farroni and Saulyman Corr

Dani Tirrell: Choreography/Concept/Direction:

In collaboration with:

Benjamin Hunter: Composer/Musical Director

J Mase III: Poet/Writer

Roache the Muralist: Visual Artist 

Amiya Pennbaker-Brown: Lighting Desginer

DR Amromin: Sound Desginer

Rafaela Luna-Pizano: Video

Naomi Ishisaka: Photos

Ravella Riffenburg: Production Manager

Production: Zithri Saleem and Marlon Brown 

Photo: Naomi Ishisaka 

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